Must Have Hair Masks

Do you find your hair to be a bit unruly or rebellious from time to time? Maybe it’s just too dry and frizzy to style? Or too many split ends and breakage caused by over processing? Sometimes color fades too fast and never looks as brilliant and shiny as you’d like. Never fear, here at Citrine Salon we offer a wide variety of incredible masks to treat your every hair need, plus tips on how to get the most out of every product. Keep reading to find which mask is the best for you!

Goldwell Kerasilk Control Mask-  Beat frizz with this intensive smoothing mask. Infused with keratin as liquid silk, this product is perfect for unmanageable frizzy hair. Use this mask on wet or damp hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse for stunning, shiny, frizz-free hair . This mask is also the perfect complement to a recent Kerasilk service as it prolongs the life of the treatment.

Goldwell Kerasilk Control Mask- Beat frizz with this intensive smoothing mask. Infused with keratin as liquid silk, this product is perfect for unmanageable frizzy hair. Use this mask on wet or damp hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse for stunning, shiny, frizz-free hair . This mask is also the perfect complement to a recent Kerasilk service as it prolongs the life of the treatment.

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color-  This unique masque offers three major benefits when it comes to color treated hair to make sure each strand remains in tip top condition throughout the coloring process. First, the masque repairs existing damage to the hair while cuticle conditioning ingredients keep hair looking smooth and healthy. Second, UV-protecting ingredients that utilize innovative bio-polymers work to keep fading at bay and your color fresh in between appointments. Last but not least, this masque also offers beautiful glossing properties which increase shine and enhance all hair colors for a rich look that never disappoints! If you have any type of color treated hair, this masque is a must!

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color- This unique masque offers three major benefits when it comes to color treated hair to make sure each strand remains in tip top condition throughout the coloring process. First, the masque repairs existing damage to the hair while cuticle conditioning ingredients keep hair looking smooth and healthy. Second, UV-protecting ingredients that utilize innovative bio-polymers work to keep fading at bay and your color fresh in between appointments. Last but not least, this masque also offers beautiful glossing properties which increase shine and enhance all hair colors for a rich look that never disappoints! If you have any type of color treated hair, this masque is a must!

hot towel.jpg
BB Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Pre Shampoo Masque - Perfect for wavy or curly textures, this unique balm liquefies in your hands, making it a breeze to apply. This oil infused formula helps de-frizz, detangle, and keep your curls soft and shiny. Just take a small amount and run through you hair. Leave in for 20 minutes and then follow through with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

BB Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Pre Shampoo Masque- Perfect for wavy or curly textures, this unique balm liquefies in your hands, making it a breeze to apply. This oil infused formula helps de-frizz, detangle, and keep your curls soft and shiny. Just take a small amount and run through you hair. Leave in for 20 minutes and then follow through with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.


Oribe Signature Moisture Masque- This mask is the perfect fit for any hair type that has become dry and damaged and needs a little extra moisture to bring it back to life. Weightless in density yet deeply hydrating, this masque utilizes a unique blend of plant and keratin extracts to strengthen weakened hair and keep it supple, soft and manageable for future styling. Color safe and UV-protecting, this masque in particular also includes sunflower seed extract, macadamia nut seed oil and wild mango butter for maximum shine and increased smoothness. After all, everyone could use a little everyday indulgence!

Wet Brush Towel Set- One of our favorite tricks to help masks penetrate the hair to their full potential is to wrap hair in a hot towel after the mask has been applied. Similar to the effect of sitting under a dryer in salon, the heat expands the hair shaft and allows the mask to penetrate further so you get the maximum benefit possible! To get the same effect at home, put a towel in the dryer for a few minutes and immediately wrap your hair to get the most benefit!

BB While you sleep damage repair masque-  Repair dry, damaged, or over-processed, hair overnight with this lightweight sleeping masque. Not only is this masque very hydrating, it also contains Evening Primrose to repair dry strands and protect from future damage. Just apply to dry hair once or twice a week, leave it in for as long as you’d like or keep it in overnight for intense hydration.

BB While you sleep damage repair masque- Repair dry, damaged, or over-processed, hair overnight with this lightweight sleeping masque. Not only is this masque very hydrating, it also contains Evening Primrose to repair dry strands and protect from future damage. Just apply to dry hair once or twice a week, leave it in for as long as you’d like or keep it in overnight for intense hydration.

oribe 4.png

Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque: For the truly damaged and broken hair, be sure to check out Oribe’s heavy duty Transformative Masque which utilizes white tea, baobob and jasmine extracts to penetrate the hair shaft to undo the negative effects of over processing and to restore health and elasticity. Use sparingly as this masque is very concentrated and will heal hair in no time!

protect & nourish your skin this winter

Now that it’s officially winter, its time to step up your skincare game to accommodate for the colder temperatures. During the winter, our skin is prone to dryness, irritation, itchiness, and redness. To combat these frustrating issues, we’ve handpicked products for every aspect of your skincare routine, ranging from cleansers to moisturizers and even body scrubs. Each product is specially formulated to keep your skin bright, even, and most importantly, hydrated and ready for the warmer months that are soon to come!


Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser: During the winter, it is vital to cleanse the skin without stripping it of it’s natural oils. This cleanser contains chamomile and arnica, which immediately soothes your skin and removes impurities while leaving your skin’s natural barrier intact to defend against harsh weather. This cleanser also contains nourishing oils that hydrate and further calm the skin and replenish any moisture that may be been lost throughout the day.

Bright Skin Moisturizer: It is crucial to wear SPF year-round, so why not get a moisturizer with SPF included? The Bright Skin Moisturizer from Eminence contains broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays which are still powerful even in the colder months.. It also contains stone crop, licorice root, and Bearberry extract to keep your skin even, hydrated and to conveniently battle any sun damage from the previous summer.

Facial Recovery Oil: Made with a special blend of herbs and oils, this product can deeply hydrate, tone, and repair the skin. Olive oil deeply nourishes, clary sage balances oil production and ylang ylang extract calms skin that may be inflamed from the cold. We recommend using this oil at night so your skin has plenty of time to soak up all of the hydrants and nutrients. Best of all, this luxurious oil is suitable for a skin types!

Don’t be put off by the consistency of the product- simply massage 2-3 drops on your neck and face and just wait for the repairing benefits to kick in!

Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub: This scrub is wonderful for the winter, as sugar granules gently buff away dry skin while cranberry, pomegranate, and green tea extract provide vitamin-rich support to nourish the fresh skin underneath. Simply massage into damp skin after a shower or bath and rinse well with water to maintain healthy skin all winter long! There’s also no need to worry about over-exfoliation; this scrub is gentle enough to use on a daily basis, so feel free to indulge whenever you like!

Perfect Lip Duo: Take luxury to the next level with this duo designed to exfoliate and hydrate dry lips. A unique citrus enzyme blend naturally exfoliates the top layer of skin, while the Shea butter balm deeply moisturizes without the use of petroleum. Use both to reveal the perfect set of lips no matter how cold it gets this winter!

We know winter can be harsh on your skin, but luckily, Eminence is here with the right product for every concern- be sure to stop by soon to pick up these winter essentials to keep your skin in tip-top shape all season long!

New at Citrine: Everyday Elegance with Eyelash Extensions

Looking for an easy, low maintenance, no-fuss way to get the gorgeous lashes of your dreams this holiday season? Look no further than our NEW cluster lash extensions provided by our very own esthetician Imane! Keep reading to learn more about how this exciting new service works and what it can do for you!

eyelash extensions 4.jpg

Preparation and Aftercare

Preparing for your eye lash extension appointment is super easy- just show up with a bare face and Imane will take care of the rest! Mascara, eye makeup, eye creams and moisturizers can all interfere with how well the glue sets your new lashes, so arriving with a clean face is very important! It is also vital to not curl lashes as well since the bend in the lash can prevent the cluster from settling properly. Appointments last for one hour, and results (with proper aftercare) last at least a full week!

Aftercare for your fabulous new lashes follows a similar pattern. Simply avoid getting your new lashes wet for a full 24 hours after application, don’t apply mascara afterwards or for the duration you have your lashes, and apply lightweight eye creams in the morning as opposed to night to avoid an excess of oil.

Before and after of cluster lash extensions!

Before and after of cluster lash extensions!

What are “Cluster” Extensions”?

As the name implies, they are small groups or “clusters” of individual lashes, like the one shown to the left, that are safely applied to the lashline using a professional adhesive to fill out and lengthen pre-existing lashes. The clusters can be applied to uniquely fit your eye shape, providing a customized look that suits your face perfectly. Cluster lashes in particular offer numerous benefits as not only are they quicker to apply, but they provide the most dramatic impact without looking fake. Our esthetician Imane skillfully utilizes both long and short clusters for a guaranteed natural finish and In just one hour, your lashes can go from “barely there” to impossible to miss!

eyelash extensions 2.jpg

Just a quick comb through in the morning is all your new lashes will need to look their best!

And that’s it! Every morning, wake up with a flawless set of thick, beautiful lashes that shape and frame your face for the perfect look this holiday season, no messy makeup or time-consuming routines needed! Imane is currently available for appointments, but only has a few spots left, so call or book online now!

Give the Gift of Organic Beauty

Cross somebody special off your shopping list this year with our highly popular Holiday Bundle.

Cross somebody special off your shopping list this year with our highly popular Holiday Bundle.

Finding the perfect gift during the holiday season can be a tough undertaking. With all the stress and bustle that comes along with the season, any opportunity to save valuable time and money is an opportunity worth taking. It’s for that reason that we’ve decided to bring back the highly popular Holiday Bundle! Featured in Chapel Hill Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide, this gift package did so well last year that we couldn’t resist doing it again this season. Read on to see how you can easily give the gift of luxurious beauty this year!

Comprised of a 90-minute luxury facial service and an Eminence Beauty Experts’ Top Picks product set, this bundle is a gift that will keep giving in the months following the holidays! Valued at a total of 229 dollars, the Holiday Bundle sells for 200 dollars. You’ll go home with a wrapped bag of Eminence products, and a Citrine Salon gift card valued at 150 dollars, which is to be redeemed for our Clean Sweep 90-minute facial.

The Clean Sweep facial is our most popular facial, and is performed to produce immediate results. This facial includes a method of manual exfoliation, used to reveal a smoother, brighter, more youthful complexion. Exfoliation of the outer-most layer of the skin and removal of fine vellus (peach fuzz) hairs enhances the effectiveness of other skincare treatments, reduces fine lines, and diminishes acne scars. This service is performed in conjunction with our Revitalizing Facial. Numerous clients regularly schedule this facial as they love the way make-up can be applied smoothly and flawlessly.

The product set included in this package is comprised of the best-selling Eminence products, including a cleanser, moisturizer, masque, and firming oil. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, each product has been chosen to deliver a beauty ritual that cleanses, treats, and hydrates skin for exceptional results that will last.

Stop in today to purchase the Holiday Bundle, and we’ll gift you a sample bag of select Eminence product samples as well as an organic Belgian chocolate!

Happy Holidays from the team at Citrine Salon!

Citrine holiday gift guide

Here at Citrine, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift for the holidays that makes your loved ones feel especially pampered. Fortunately, we have a wide array of fabulous luxury gift sets for all of your upcoming gifting needs. Keep reading for a breakdown of all our sets and find the perfect match for anyone on your list!

Oribe Gold Lust Set

This set offers a phenomenal savings as it includes a the Gold Lust Repair shampoo, conditioner and Nourishing Hair Oil all at full size! Both the shampoo and conditioner offer an excellent duo to deeply nourish and repair strands that have been overprocessed and heat damaged. The Nourishing Hair Oil provides an extra rich dose of antioxidants and seals in moisture for a silky, high shine finish.

Dry Styling Set

This set offers one full size Dry Texturizing Spray, in addition to a travel size of the same product and travel size of the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. Oribe’s top selling product and a sure hit with all hair types, the texturizing spray offers grit, hold, and a bit of volume perfect for any blowout, while the Dry Shampoo absorbs oils to make each blowout last even longer! Use together to keep your hair looking fresh and stylish all season long!


Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Kit

Continue to protect hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays throughout the winter with this new kit by Bumble and Bumble which includes a full-sized Invisible Oil Primer as well as a travel sized shampoo and conditioner. Famous for its 6-oil elixir, each product works to de-tangle, de-frizz and keep hair silky smooth after suffering overprocessing and too much heat damage. Keep strands well moisturized and ready to take on the weather with this set,

Eminence Beauty Experts’ Top Picks

Beautiful skin awaits thanks to this limited addition collection of top Eminence products curated by renowned beauty experts in the industry. Each product is designed to cleanse, replenish and protect skin which is vital during harsher winter months This travel-sized gift set is best suited for normal to dry skin types,

Set includes these conveniently sized products

  • Stone Crop Gel Wash

  • Bamboo Age Corrective Masque

  • Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer

  • Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

Eminence Holiday Gift Bundle

The holiday gift bundle includes a 90 minute clean sweep facial with our esthetician Imane and Eminence’s limited edition best selling gift set. A $229 value is selling for $200 plus tax.

lip duo.jpg

Eminence Perfect Lip Duo

Nobody likes chapped lips, period. We all know the dry Winter weather has a tendency to make our lips dull and craving moisture. The Eminence Perfect Lip Duo includes a Citrus Enzyme Exfoliator that packs an antioxidant-filled punch to easily slough off dead skin cells. Then, follow up with the peptide and vitamin rich Citrus Lip Balm to ensure smooth, soft, and supple lips.

Beautiful Color and Côte d'Azur Body Travel Set

A great match for busy travelers who want to sneak in a bit of luxury with them wherever they go, the Oribe Beautiful Color set offers a travel size version of the Beautiful Color shampoo and conditioner, which utilizes a unique botanical blend of ingredients to nourish colored hair and protect strands from damaging UV rays. The Body set, which includes a lavish travel sized body wash and creme scented with Oribe’s famous French fragrance, Cote d’Azur, offers an additional dose of indulgence and is the perfect way to ward against dry winter skin.

For a limited time, stop by Citrine and receive a complimentary Dry Texturizing Duo kit with any Oribe purchase $75 or more!

Olivia Garden Hair Dryer Set

Valued at 150 dollars, this luxury ceramic and ion hair dryer from Olivia Garden is sure to please the beauty junkie on your list. Designed to seal in moisture and shine and eliminate frizz, this hair dryer comes with two nozzles, as well as two free round brushes with purchase. We love that this hair dryer has a 9 foot cord and is designed with a hook for easy storage!

bumble and bumble photo.jpg

Bumble and bumble Thickening Set

This Thickening kit, which includes a full size Dry Spun Finishing Spray as well as a travel sized Thickening shampoo and conditioner, offers an incredible value in which the travel sizes are virtually free! With a newly redesigned formula, the shampoo and conditioner work to fortify and plump up individual strands, while the spray adds airy texture and volume to take your hair to new heights! For a limited time only, stop by Citrine and with any Bumble and Bumble full size purchase, receive a complimentary deluxe sample of either the line’s thickening spray or Dry Spun finishing spray!

Wet Brush Towel Stock Photo.jpg

Wet Brush Flex Dry & Hair Towel

From the extremely popular Wet Brush Pro comes the newly designed Flex Dry Brush and Deluxe Hair Towel. Wet Brush’s new OmniFlex brush head contours to the scalp to instantly smooth and detangle hair, while the open-vented paddle allows moisture to be removed quicker, speeding along drying time. The Deluxe Hair Towel is 100% microfiber, and is designed to stay in place to remove excess moisture.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We know how difficult holiday shopping can be so we want to make finding stocking stuffers a breeze. We’ve compiled a small list of our favorite products that are perfect stocking stuffers.

  • Bumble and Bumble Color Sticks

  • Bumble and Bumble Glimmer Finishing Spray

  • Oribe Root Touch Up Spray

  • Oribe Purse Size Products

  • Bumble Travel Sizes

IMG_0030 (1).jpg

If you’re still stumped, Citrine Salon gift cards are always a great option. They can be purchased in any denomination and can be used towards products or services. If you can’t make it in to get one, they can be purchased by phone or email, and can be held here at the salon or mailed out!

Stylist Spotlight: Christie

What is your favorite highlighting technique?

Babylights! Regardless of your hair length or style, babylights add a gorgeous brightening effect around the face that can be as bold or subtle as you like. Babylights can be done all over, but I typically add them to frame my clients’ faces, I call these “money-pieces”. They add brightness where it counts and are extremely versatile.

What products do you recommend to keep highlights bright and healthy?

The Oribe Bright Blonde line without a doubt. My favorite is the Radiance and Repair Treatment. It can eliminate brassy tones from highlights while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. Adding Olaplex to your salon service can also help repair existing damage while preventing further damage.


Want a full head of highlights or just a subtle framing of the face? A gorgeous voluminous blowout that’ll last for days? Christie can do it all when it comes to highlights and blowouts, making every service custom tailored to suit your specific needs!

Originally from Colorado, this master stylist started her career in the hair industry almost 14 years ago. She moved to North Carolina 4 years ago and has been here at Citrine for 3 years.


In your opinion, what makes an amazing blowout?

The right tools and products are very important, as well as technique. I feel that what really makes an amazing blowout is working volume and hold into the hair, while maintaining flexibility. Leaving my clients with a blowout that will look stunning and has the durability to last into the days following is also important. I’ve been an Oribe fanatic for years and no blowout is done without the Dry Texturizing Spray!

Any advice as to how to make a blowout last longer?

Keep your hair dry! I can not stress this enough. Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo will keep your hair fresh and voluminous without ruining your style. A little bit of old fashioned backcombing at the root is an easy way to refresh and lock in your blowout at home.

Fall Sweep Facial

Fall is finally here! With the cooler temperatures and dry air approaching, it’s vital to protect your skin from the harsh environmental damage that comes with the shift in weather. Our seasonal Fall Sweep Facial offered by our esthetician Imane is here to save your skin! This facial uses a gentle form of manual exfoliation in conjunction with our Cranberry Pomegranate and Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masques to reveal smoother, softer, more youthful skin while nourishing any dryness. These masques are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin firm, hydrated, and ready to go for the upcoming holidays!


Cranberry Pomegranate Masque - This limited edition masque is full of vitamin C and micro nutrients to revitalize you skin’s appearance, reduce signs of aging, and give you the youthful glow everyone desires. The combination of sunflower and sesame oils offers an effective yet lightweight form of hydration that helps skin to recapture the luminosity often lost in the colder months. Simply mix a small portion of the mask and spread evenly over the skin, let sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse and pat dry. Instantly, skin is equally refreshed from the dry air and protected for the future.

eminence pumpkin mask.jpg

Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque - Similar to the Cranberry Pomegranate, the Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque offers replenishing benefits with an added extra dose of moisturization. With a combination of Vitamin E and Omega 9 nutrients mixed with a unique Calendula, Avacado and Grape oil blend, skin is deeply nourished right away, a keys step in fighting signs of aging. And just like the Cranberry Pomegranate Masque, this gem is also limited edition, so stop in while supplies last!

Call or schedule online to ensure your skin is in optimum health this fall!

And when you do, you’ll receive a complimentary full retail size of the Cranberry Pomegranate or Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque!

Goldwell Color Revolution

So how do the drops work, exactly? Pure Pigment drops are revolutionary additives that can be added to your regular hair color service to enhance depth, shine, and dimension, creating a beautiful multi-toned effect that can’t be found anywhere else. Fortunately, Pure Pigments can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your personal preference and desired results.

To start, Pure Pigments can be added drop by drop to toners and blonde shades to create subtle cool tones and gentle pastels. To boost color intensity, the same tones can be layered on the hair to achieve vivid hues and brilliance. Additionally, multiple tones can be layered to create a iridescent, almost holographic effect as the hair appears to change color under different lighting. The possibilities are endless!


We know that with autumn quickly approaching, it can feel like your bright summer locks are simply fading too fast. But colder temperatures doesn’t have to mean dark, dull hair that falls flat in comparison! Here at Citrine, we are thrilled to introduce Goldwell’s NEW Elumenated Pure Pigment Drops, the latest in HD hair coloring technology which allows your hair to regain its brilliance and vitality. Pure pigment drops are the perfect way to add back depth, dimension and shine to shades that may be losing their luster.

Sound too good to be true? Recent studies found that the use of Pure Pigments results in 63% more shine than regular hair color, boosts shades by up to 3x the color intensity and fortifies color so it is 2x more resistant to fading. With just a few drops, your everyday color is instantly elevated, leaving your hair looking vibrant and feeling fresh throughout the fall season.


What our stylists love about Pure Pigments:

“My favorite thing about the new Pure Pigment drops is the high octane shine they bring with every color service, which makes sure every client walks out with brilliant color, no matter the shade.” - Travis

Stylist Spotlight: Curls for days!

Get fullness, body, and a beautiful wave texture with the American Wave perm. A favorite service performed by Dana!

Get fullness, body, and a beautiful wave texture with the American Wave perm. A favorite service performed by Dana!


Being a curly girl herself, Dana is our go-to stylist for clients embracing their natural curl patterns and textures!

Dana has been in the hair industry for over 20 years, owning a salon in Charleston, South Carolina before relocating to Chapel Hill. We sat down with Dana to get to know the stylist behind so many happy clients!

What is your favorite part of working with curly hair?

-I love the versatility of waves and teaching people who have never loved their hair how to embrace their curl. I also love doing American waves and body perms on clients with straight or limp hair.

What products are game changers for those with curls?

-Goldwell Kerasilk has great smoothing products to help with frizz. Oribe Gel serum is great for fine, wavy hair that needs a boost, and Curl Control Silkening Cream gives soft control on thicker hair. Bumble and bumble’s Curl line is great. The most important thing is starting with the right shampoo and conditioner. Most people with curly hair worry more about styling and forget the importance of poo/cond.

What is your best advice for someone learning to embrace their natural curl in this NC humidity?

-The secret to curly hair that you will love is a good haircut and the right products. Look for something with moisturizing properties to tame your curls, and consider investing in products that will protect your style, like the Oribe Impermeable anti humidity spray!

What is your favorite part about being a hairstylist here at Citrine?

-The endless amounts of education! I always feel like there’s so much more to learn and Citrine really helps us grows as stylists. I love incorporating everything we learn and using new techniques with our clients.

new acne solution from eminence

Eminence’s newest Acne Advanced Treatment System- made specifically for those with troubled skin.


A skincare routine centered around acne and the treatment of your breakouts should focus on four main goals: cleansing, exfoliation, controlling bacteria, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Looking to consistently take care of your skin to prevent breakouts? Read these tips to eliminate your next flare up!

-Always take the time to remove your makeup at night. Giving your skin that extra bit of attention at night allows it to repair and restore itself in the evening hours!

-As hard as it can be, resist the urge to pick and pop your breakouts. This habit leads to scarring, which is much more difficult to treat than the acne itself! The Advanced Acne Hydrator is formulated to tackle this issue, containing botanicals and active ingredients to fight the appearance of scars and dark spots.

Acne has always been a tough skin condition to treat, but Eminence’s new Acne Advanced system actively treats and prevents acne and breakouts in as little as 28 days! Their 3-step solution “utilizes potent botanical actives and time-release encapsulated Salicylic Acid to clear moderate-to-severe acne and prevent future breakouts.”

The three new products are the Acne Advanced Cleansing Foam, the Acne Advance Clarifying Hydrator, and the Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque.

The Acne Advanced Cleansing Foam is specially formulated with time-release encapsulated Salicylic Acid to prevent acne breakouts and clear clogged pores throughout the day. Made with a potent natural herb blend, this cleanser soothes your skin as it washes away impurities.

The Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque is the all star product of this new line. It can be used as a spot treatment as well as a traditional masque in your skincare routine! This masque consists of three different clays to absorb impurities, gently exfoliates and absorbs excess oil; and is formulated with all natural basil oil to help purify and soothe skin’s appearance.

The Acne Advanced Clarifying Hydrator is an ultra-lightweight moisturizing lotion. Ideal for oily to combination skin types, this lotion leaves skin with a smooth, matte finish and absorbs excess oil for immediate shine reduction. With key ingredients like encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Lotus Extract, this product treats active blemishes and reduces redness and irritation.

purchase the acne advanced treatment system for a bundle savings of 20%!


Repair Summer Skin with Eminence

Although the summer season is coming to an end, exposure to the sun is a year-round concern. With all the outdoor adventures we find ourselves on during the summer months, we often compromise the health of our delicate skin to the effects of the sun and elements. How can we address the damage that the long summer months have caused on our complexion?

Eminence Organic Skin Care is renowned for the ability to address irritated and problem skin, various skin conditions, and specific skin concerns naturally, with results-oriented product formulations that are one hundred percent natural and organic. Enter into the new season with a clean, hydrated, and glowing complexion, using the following exclusive Eminence products! 


One of the most effective means of taking care of skin is by utilizing a quality cleanser.  Eminence's Stone Crop Gel Wash is a gentle yet effective means of purifying and calming the skin, all while deeply penetrating pores to clean out dirt and debris. Stone Crop is known for its ability to heal  from deep within the skin, while creating a brighter complexion. Skin is left visibly cleaner and less irritated, with redness and inflammation decreased substantially. Perfect for daily use, the entire Stone Crop collection smells amazing and provides gentle, yet deep cleaning action!

After cleansing the skin, apply a thin layer of Eminence's award-winning Citrus and Kale Potent C+E Serum to truly target the inflammation and redness that can occur with prolonged outdoor exposure. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this super light gentle serum absorbs instantly into the skin, and protects from free radical damage, reducing early signs of aging. We hear all the time how good Eminence products smell, and this one does not fail to deliver!

Following a serum, it's crucial to apply a soothing moisturizer to replenish skin and lock in hydration. Our favorite is Eminence's Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer, which should be applied at least once a day. By utilizing a unique combination of shea butter, calendula oil and chamomile extract, this moisturizer will both nourish and protect your skin. Perfect for addressing summer damage, Calm Skin Moisturizer is ideal for transitioning into fall and winter seasons, as it's formulation will protect against the dryer and colder air that will soon be on its way!

To boost the efficacy of the Calm Skin Moisturizer, we also recommend combining it with Eminence's Bearberry Eye Repair cream, which is an excellent tool when it comes to brightening and firming the delicate under-eye area. Simply pat gently around the eyes once daily and reduce wrinkles by up to 40%! Improve skin's elasticity, while restoring firmness and vitality to this crucial area of the face. 


If the sun has already taken its toll on your skin in the form of dark spots, never fear! Eminence also offers the Bright Skin Masque that both clarifies and eradicates dark marks with a potent blend of stone crop, licorice root, bearberry and a natural hydroquione alternative. To be used once or twice a week, the bright skin masque is a cult favorite of the Eminence following and yields results, regardless of skin type or condition. An added bonus is the amazing glow you get in the days following this treatment! Absolutely worth it.


Stop in to shop the entire Eminence Skin Care line- you won't be disappointed. The possibilities to tailor a new skin care regime to your skin type and concerns are endless! 

Want to know more? Follow the link below to find out which Eminence products your skin will love!

Bumble and bumble Revamps Thickening Line

Bumble and Bumble's Thickening collection is a classic staple of the high quality brand we know and love. 

Bumble and bumble released a revamped and updated collection of the best-selling Thickening line! Guaranteed to deliver voluminous tresses and big blowouts while providing weightless moisture,

So what's changing? What's new? Not only is Bb. introducing new products to the Thickening lineup, but they're reformulating the originals with new ingredients, as well. Most noteworthy here is Bb.'s Emblica technology, thickening and expanding individual strands to create soft, touchable volume that lasts all day long. 


 Shampoo and conditioner

The first step in your journey to big hair. Moisturizing, yet lightweight. The critical first step in prepping hair for maximum thickness and volume. NEW Thickening conditioner works to infuse moisture into hair, separating individual strands to create shine and volume.

Full form mousse

Light n' fluffy with lots of cushion. Shake well and spread evenly through damp hair, then blow dry to perfection. What's better? You can skip the blow dryer and still get soft and touchable volume. Full Form builds volume, and not only that, but long-lasting volume and moveable fullness.


Dryspun finish

A powerhouse of a dry finishing spray. Instantly adds lift and airy texture. Perfect for heat styling, Dryspun imparts the perfect amount of flexible hold, mixed with just the right amount of long-lasting volume. No matter the texture, straight to curly, the ideal amount of fullness is just a spray away.

Stay tuned for NEW, fun sizes to come!


 Creme Contour

The goal is definition. Lightweight (again) and pliable, yet strong enough to create and keep lived-in sexy texture. Use when going for a full-bodied style- just rub a small amount between palms and run through dry, styled hair. Et voila!




go Big Treatment

A multi-tasking powerhouse of a leave-in hair treatment. Instantly expanding the diameter of individual strands, hair is left visibly more plump and vivacious. Providing exceptional shape, control, and hold, GO BIG also works to provide moisture. Healthy hair, volume, no crunch. 



The ultimate volume blow dry creme. Providing exceptional heat protection from your blow dryer and hot tools, Bb.'s newest blow dry creme inflates hair and infuses fullness and voluminous movement. Sweet Almond Oil provides nourishment, Vitamin E moisturizes. Volume, moisture, shine, and more volume. What more could you want?


what the team is saying..

" The Go Big treatment is by far my favorite! It just builds intense volume that you can really feel and play with. My clients have come back and told me how much they love how long their blowout lasted!." -Heather

"I've gotten some amazing blowouts by using the blow dry creme and finishing with the Dryspun. The Dryspun finish gives that extra boost of fullness and texture that my clients love!" -Dana

"These products are amazing! Crazy volume while still being able to run your fingers through..My blow outs are movable, touchable and super soft!" -Darian


Stylist Spotlight: VIBRANT Vivids


Kelly Profile Pic.jpg

How do you recommend taking care of freshly colored vivid hair?

"Since pre-lightened hair tends to be on the damaged side, always use a UV/color-protecting shampoo and conditioner with cold water to preserve your hair's integrity. My favorite is the Oribe Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner, which is both UV protecting and naturally sulfate-free. Additionally, washing less frequently and using products such as our Oribe Gold Lust nourishing dry shampoo will help keep fresh hues from fading too quickly. Environmental factors such as the sun and saltwater can also stress color, which is why the UV protection element of the Gold Lust line is so important to me..In terms of styling vivids, to help refresh your look and keep your color vibrant, I love using Oribe's Mystify Restyling Spray, which extends the life of your blowout and prevents unnecessary heat damage."


Looking to take the plunge and completely revamp your style with a funky hair color? Look no further than our master stylist Kelly, whose expertise in vivid and fashion colors is unsurpassed here at Citrine!

Kelly is our go-to for any unique shades, ranging from pastels to deep jewel tones. Like a true artist, she is always excited to try out new color combinations and styles!

Fashion colors work differently than traditional colors because they only stain the top of the hair shaft. As a result, hair often has to be pre-lightened to truly achieve a vibrant hue. This can be a daunting process for many, so finding a stylist with experience and integrity is vital!


What drew you to the fashion side of colors once you started in the hair industry?

"I love the creativeness that this side of the industry brings. You never get a boring vivid color! There is always something to change whether it be the pattern/ color/shade/tone or season. Fortunately, Citrine offers special ordering for fashion hues, which has greatly expanded the palette of colors I am able to work with. That means the opportunities to create stunning looks are truly endless!"

What brand do you prefer to work with?

"Pulp Riot. The colors are so bright and fade beautifully!"

What is the best part of getting to do fashion colors? 

"The best part of getting to do fashion colors is the endless opportunity for creativity and the custom work that comes with it! I love a client that likes to turn heads when they walk in the room and that makes it all worthwhile!"




Protect Your Skin this Summer with Eminence


To keep your skin looking healthy under the sun, it's vital to keep it moisturized and protected with a moisturizer containing an SPF of at least 30.

Eminence's wildly popular Tropical Body Vanilla Sunscreen SPF 32 is a natural, organic sunscreen that not only offers protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays,but offers Aloe Vera and Shea Butter ingredients to soothe the skin as well. Simply apply to exposed areas of the face and body and let absorb for 15 minutes before going outside. Be sure to reapply every two hours. 

Polish and protect your skin this summer with our seasonal Eminence Summer Berry Facial, offered on Saturday's by our wonderful esthetician, Imane!

How does the facial work, exactly? The Berry facial itself involves a gentle form of manual exfoliation that works to buff the top layer of skin, revealing the fresh, smooth skin underneath. Following the exfoliation, Eminence's Blueberry Soy Repair Masque is applied to plump and enrich the skin. Full of antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and a healthy dose of coenzymeQ10, this mask provides targeted nourishment and hydration to the new skin revealed from the exfoliation. After, a Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum is applied as the finishing touch to re- hydrate and brighten the skin, resulting in a beautiful, radiant glow- perfect for the summer!


For a limited time only, we are offering a complimentary Eminence jute beach tote complete with a full-sized Tropical Body Vanilla Sunscreen free with any Berry facial! Call to book today, and show your skin the love it deserves!

New at Citrine: Oribe

Hair salons are founded in an industry of continuous education and innovation. In an effort to innovate and supply our stylists and clients with the newest and best in hair care, we are happy to introduce Oribe hair care products. Oribe has supplied Citrine with an extensive line of hair care and styling products, allowing us (and you!) the ability to transform your hair and provide unsurpassed results. 

  • Expertly crafted by a trio of celebrity stylists and industry veterans, Oribe works on an unprecedented level, as the highly formulated products actually go beneath the surface level of the hair to heal and restore individual strands from the inside out.
  • All products are paraben, sodium-chloride, and sulfate-free, with any sulfates present being naturally derived. This means that chemicals in traditional products that damage the hair you've worked so hard to achieve will no longer be an issue.
  • Oribe products are color-safe, UV-protective and compatible with Keratin treatments, making the entire line a perfect match for any color treated, processed, or unruly hair. 
  • The entire hair care line is lightly scented with their famous Cote d'Azur blend, a wonderful unisex scent which is sourced from one of the oldest French fragrance houses to date. With notes of Calabrian Bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood, Oribe products are sure to keep your hair smelling nice year-round.
  •  As Oribe is a professional line, their products are top-notch and highly concentrated, so be careful to only use small amounts, as a little will go a long way!

Within the Oribe product lineup, there is a variety of targeted product collections to address specific hair types and concerns:

Signature. For everyone, everyday, for simply gorgeous hair.

Serene Scalp. Nourishes hair and scalp to eliminate dandruff. Shampoo eliminates dandruff and irritation. Conditioner hydrates strands and moisturizes the scalp. Treatment instantly calms the scalp.

Magnificent Volume. Lightweight ingredients build full and thick hair. Hair follicles are stimulated for thicker, fuller locks, hair shaft is plumped for fullness and body.

Moisture & Control. Sulfate-free cleanser for intense hydration. Adds healthy hydration and softens coarse locks with maximum shine. Developed to closely resemble the proteins in the hair cortex, hair will be strengthened and repaired

Beautiful Color. A gentle cleanser. Fortifies over-processed and chemically-treated hair, with enhanced protection again sun and environmental pollutants. Moisturizers and reparative ingredients target dry and damaged areas to enrich colors and soften hair.

Bright Blonde. Contains optimal level of violet pigments to brighten and eliminate brassiness. Corrects brassiness, tones highlights and imparts luminescent brightness and shine. Repairs damaged hair and prevents moisture loss.

Gold Lust. For anyone with hair that has been damaged by time, styling or process. Rejuvenates hair so it appears more youthful and healthy. Adds healthy shine, provides intense nourishment and conditioning, reverses existing damage and reduces split ends. 

stop in to shop the oribe collection and discover the difference it can make. Buy any oribe product and receive complimentary oribe hair care samples!

July 29th: Boxing, Braids, & Brews

We're excited to announce we've partnered with two other businesses within East 54 here at Chapel Hill to bring you Boxing, Braids, & Brews!

Enjoy an afternoon here at East 54 on Sunday July 29th! We'll have games and a boxing demo from Title Boxing Club, braids of all kinds from the team at Citrine, and craft beer and beverages from Bottle Rev. Drop your name in for a raffle while you're there, we'll be giving away some great prizes.

We hope you can make it! RSVp below