Stylist Must-Haves


Everyone has that product they can’t go without. The one that is used for every style, after every shampoo, is in every travel and gym bag. It feels perfect in your hair, like a match made in heaven- your hair’s styling soulmate.

We all have different hair types and textures, so where do you even start to search for this life-changing product? Consider your lifestyle first, and where your hair might need the most help. Do you blow dry every day? Have overly greasy-prone or dry hair? Do you struggle to keep away frizz?

We asked our team of stylists what their favorite products are. What they love to use on themselves and their clients. Funny enough, all responses came back with products from within the Oribe line! Oribe is an extremely high quality and versatile collection, so no surprise that the team each found something that they loved.

Robyn- Oribe Royal Blowout
”It's the perfect foundation/heat protectant. It works really well with other products and even better on its own!. As an added bonus, gives incredible shine and helps the hair dry faster. Less time heat styling means that hair stays healthier for longer”

Heather- Oribe Split End Seal

“This is amazing for anyone who has damage (all of us!). It is super lightweight and it really helps reduce the look of dry, damaged, split ends. You can use it on wet or dry hair and on top of all that, it smells phenomenal! A lot of my clients, as well as myself, have been able to grow their hair longer using this product, because it promotes healthier ends and strands overall!“

Chhalin- Oribe Imperial Blowout

“This product is my go-to for any blowout! I find it gives hair fullness, texture, and long lasting style. I get awesome lift at the root. I can stretch a blow dry out on myself to almost a week using this!”

Sam- Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil

“I love Oribe products!. My favorite is the gold lust nourishing oil because it is a great leave in for any hair type and controls frizz with out being heavy or greasy!”

Christy- Oribe Run-Thru Detangling Primer

“This makes detangling hair a breeze! It is a great prep product for any hair type and a perfect base to layer other products on. It’s also full of vitamins and nutrients that strengthen hair and promote health.”

Christie- Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

“A must have for anyone! This is the perfect balance between a hairspray and a dry shampoo. Great volume and a flexible hold all in one! I love that it gives me lift, hold, and texture, without weighing my hair down. I can still run my fingers through my hair and play with it and the product doesn’t wear out!”

Angie- Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray

“It helps reduce frizz in our humid climate. I also adore Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair and Restore shampoo and conditioner as It helps maintain the strength of each individual strand to keep your hair strong and healthy.”

Darian- Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

“This product is great for everyone! I love to use it to seal in moisture during a blowout, or to add shine and hold to an air dry style. I find I can use this product on any hair type as it is extremely versatile. The best part is, you only need a tiny amount so one tube will last for months!”

Kelly- Oribe Imperial Blowout

“This creates a voluminous blowout while delivering moisture and density to flat lifeless hair. It is definitely one of their most interesting products as well since it starts as a creme as you emulsify it in your hands, turns to oil, and then the heat activates a powder which plumps every single hair strand.”

Dana-Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray

“I love this product for my curly guys and gals, it helps reduce frizz in our very humid state of North Carolina. I find its long lasting, easy to use, and perfect for the humid summer months. And of course, with every Oribe product the smell is amazing and lasts all day!”