Summertime Hair Repair

This summer season has been full of sunshine and humidity! While it’s been beautiful, for many of us, this North Carolina climate has wreaked some havoc on our hair. Even when using products with SPF and moisturizers in them, it’s inevitable for the sun to zap color out of hair, leaving faded and dry locks that are in desperate need of special care. While beach hair and textured styles are still trending, often times these popular ‘do’s dry out the hair cuticle and make hair prone to breakage and split ends.

By supplementing your hair regimen with a couple products, it’s easy to promote restoration to your hair’s health and encourage growth of healthier strands. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products:

Bb Quenching Shampoo & Conditioner

This set derives from a super-saturated formula that is meant to cleanse and repair hair that has been over-exposed to heat or is just chronically dry. This quenching machine is powered by pro-vitamin B-5, phytantriol, and vitamin E. These components all work in the damage control department to rebuild your hair with the aid of amino acids and various lipids.

1 quenching.jpg

Bb Save the Day & While You Sleep

Here’s a dynamic duo that will be your best friend day and night. Both infused concentrates are purposed to repair and reverse wear and tear and leaves your hair silky smooth. A key ingredient in the Save the Day product is its rich camellia oil base - a precious oil that has been recognized for centuries for its restorative power. On the other hand, the While You Sleep overnight masque includes camellia oil with a heavy touch of primrose oil. This compound is saturated with the omega-6 fatty acids and has made a name for itself with its nurturing properties.


Bb Repair Blow Dry

This serum is a great tool for protection from the heat. Made for those of us who have no option but to heat style their hair, this blow dry creme repairs hair from the inside out. The repairing technology seals your split ends and serves as a preventative aid from breakage. This mix of the “resurrection plants” called Rose of Jericho and Pale Lilac, serves a blend of hydration and heat-protection, making this a perfect summer product!


Oribe Moisture and Control

The Oribe line was recently revamped to bring you the most innovative technology for your curls. Although there are various products within this line, one of the most notable is the Moisture and Control Deep Treatment Masque. The restorative powers of Mango Seed Butter and Almond proteins repair split ends and reconstruct hair’s elasticity. It also has an added bonus of Coconut Oil and Cupuacu Butter to prevent breakage and retain moisture. This masque is a great addition to your weekly cleansing regimen.

UK300054007_ORIBE (1).jpg

Oribe Gold Lust Masque

Another great Oribe product is the Gold Lust Masque. This hair remedy was concocted to target weak spots in the cuticle and fortifies your hair in order to improve elasticity and restore its youthfulness. Because of all the nourishing properties, this masque will also leave your hair moisturized with a soft touch. Another quick and addition to your weekly regimen that ensures promising results!

zb_p (1).jpg

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

This leave-in conditioner quenches even the thirstiest of hair. Its mechanics are delivered by wheat amino acids, as well as other proteins, to ensure your hair retains and locks in moisture to super saturate your locks. To take it further, Oribe added hydrolyzed keratin and a galanga root extract to shield you from UV rays and the damaging effects of heat. Using this cream will rejuvenate your hair and leave you with an everlasting shine.


Oribe Split End Seal

Healthy hair and beautiful color are at your fingertips with this clinically formulated serum. This split end sealer repairs up to ninety-four percent of your damaged ends after just one use and will prevent breakage by sixty-five percent. If the numbers don’t speak enough, the science behind this masterful product is in the carob tree extract which forms a matrix of amino acids to mend and strengthen. Included as well is a multi-protective layer to both shield you from UV and protect the color you worked so hard to get. A definite must-have in your collection..

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There are a multitude of ways to combat the summer heat and the effects it has on your hair. Don’t settle for dry, brittle hair! Stop by and let us help you find the right products to soothe your needs.