Stylist Spotlight: Sam

This spring we had the pleasure of introducing a new master stylist to the Citrine team. Samantha, who goes by Sam, is a recent North Carolina transplant, and we couldn’t be happier that she found us! We finally caught a moment to sit down with Sam, and quickly realized how blessed we are to have her at Citrine,


Welcome to Citrine, Sam! We’re so happy you found us. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Thanks! I’ve settled in quicker than I anticipated. I recently relocated to the area, however I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.. The move here has been incredibly smooth, and I’ve come to really enjoy exploring the area- there’s a lot going on here and it’s exciting to be apart of it.

What has been your favorite part about moving to the Chapel Hill area?

When I began the moving process, and pinpointed North Carolina as the state I’d relocate to, I was curious if everything people said about southern hospitality would be true. Well, everything I heard has been true! I think a big part of how smooth the transition has been is due in part to how welcoming and friendly everyone has been. The people in Chapel Hill and at Citrine, have been very inviting and warm so far. I couldn’t be more grateful for how easy this big move has been!

So you found us through the Goldwell network! Goldwell recruited and referred you to us- what has been your biggest takeaway while working at Goldwell salons?

Yes! Citrine came highly recommended, so I had to reach out. I have worked with Goldwell for the past 9 years, and have been a stylist in the industry for over 10. I am a certified master Goldwell colorist! I specialize in color, blonding, and balayage. I also love cutting curly and long hair, as well as men’s cuts!

I love the consistency and quality of the products. Goldwell also offers some amazing education opportunities, and I never shy away from the chance to stay up to date on what’s new and trending in the industry. I especially love the Goldwell Kerasilk keratin treatment, and how versatile it is. The treatment can be used for any hair type, with highly beneficial results.

Woah! So this isn’t your first rodeo! What inspired you to pursue a career as a hair stylist?

I have always loved the beauty industry, even from a young age. I loved art class in grade school, and always took any opportunity I could to create and express my creativity. This evolved in my teenage years into playing with my friend’s hair, and the rest is history!

A couple years into being a hairdresser, I realized how rewarding it is to make people feel and look their best. That’s probably the biggest driving force for why I love my job- it’s awesome to have a clientele that supports my artistic side, as well.

Any role models that kick-started your career? Or just a role model in life!

I have too many role models in this industry! Social media has allowed me to follow some big names, and it’s always inspiring to see how hard-working and passionate people are.

I have to say that my biggest role model is my older sister, Sara. She has been the number one supporter of my career, and her encouragement has gotten me through some dark times. I try to mirror the independence she shows as a chef in Pittsburgh.

Nothing better than some family love! Does your sister have hair as curly as yours? What products do you use to keep your curls looking so good?

Thank you! Yes, curly hair runs in my family, although my curls are the craziest. I’m proud to say I’m an Oribe convert! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Oribe - everything I’ve tried so far smells great and feels even better in my hair. My curls definitely love the Moisture & Control shampoo and conditioner. I also use the Moisture & Control Priming Lotion Detangler.

The expansion of the Moisture & Control line has been amazing, we’re loving it too! Last question: When you’re not doing hair, what are you doing?

Well, I’m very close with my family, and since moving here I do my best to stay in touch regularly. My boyfriend and I really enjoy traveling, and have some summer travel plans lined up. We love trying new restaurants (there’s a ton of them here!), and cook together as much as possible too.

Thanks, Sam, for answering all our questions! And again, welcome to Citrine.

Interested in seeing sam? Give us a call to schedule, or go online to book an appointment!