Sustainable Beauty Month at Citrine

April is international Earth Month, and this year we’re reminded of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. With the rising awareness and weighing importance of environmental preservation, it’s a personal and company mission for Citrine and the team to be as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible!


One of our favorite ways to show our love for the planet is through our use and retailing of Eminence products. For every product purchased, Eminence plants a tree in a developing country through their Forests for the Future initiative. So far, Eminence has planted 12 million trees! And at Citrine alone, we’ve been able to plant 1,033 trees!

Forests for the Future trains farmers in developing countries to implement sustainable farming practices. With 400,000 fruit and nut trees planted in these regions, Eminence has formed a source of food and income for farmers in vulnerable regions of the world. You can help this cause by purchasing Eminence products! We all love beauty and health for a cause, right?

Among our efforts, one of the most prominent practices at the salon is our use of recyclable supplies. The majority of salon supplies ordered and used are able to be recycled, or reused for another purpose. Products used in the salon by stylists are refilled from a larger supply, preventing an immense amount of product packaging from ending up in the trash!

In addition, we only carry vegetarian and vegan products! We source cruelty-free and gluten-free products, too. We are proud to carry Oribe, who manufactures their products without parabens, sulfates, or sodium chloride. These additives disrupt our delicate ecosystem, as parabens can disturb the regulatory systems of animals. In fact, Oribe and Bumble and bumble do not test any of their products on animals altogether!

Oribe has a commitment to sustainable packaging through use of eco-friendly boxes, printed with vegetable ink is admirable. This is in part because of their acquirement by KAO USA in 2017. KAO Corp is a group who reshaped their business model around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. This means their behavior as a whole entails positive initiatives in response to climate changes such as chemical use policies and water use management.

April is a wonderful time to reflect on personal eco-friendly practices. As the population grows exponentially, simple tasks such as buying the right light bulbs or remembering your reusable bag will make a difference when exercised on a global scale. Whether it is picking up litter you see on the sidewalk or organizing green initiatives in your community, we thank you for your efforts in creating a better future for us all!