What's New from the Bumble & bumble Surf Line

Bumble & bumble was the first to introduce a texturizing spray that perfected sea-tossed waves and beachy hair styles. Appropriately named the Surf Spray, the OG sea salt spray has since expanded to an entire hair care line. Including a shampoo, conditioner, blow dry spray, and two salt sprays, the Bb Surf line will soon be welcoming a new addition to the family!

Introducing Surf Styling Leave In- a UV protective light gel-creme that detangles hair and reduces frizz, while instilling soft, touchable waves and beachy texture. While big beach waves and tousled looks are currently trending, getting the level of texture and volume needed can often result in stiff, dry, and crunchy hair. Never fear! The Surf Styling Leave In is ultra conditioning, with softening and moisturizing qualities that won’t dry hair out. No grip or grit means hair is touchable and soft, and able to be restyled and played with throughout the day.

Light hold and workable flexibility make this new addition to Bumble and bumble a stand out product. Aloe, kelp, coconut, and algae extracts impart moisture and a light fragrance that is not overpowering. This is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and sunshine this summer! With UV protection and conditioning properties, how could you go wrong?

Thinking of embracing your natural texture this summer? We asked our stylists what their favorite ways to use the Surf products are, and compiled the ideal beachy sea-tossed waves hair regimen.

  1. Surf shampoo and conditioner- Prep your hair for soft texture with the Foam Wash, a shampoo with a light enough cleansing action suitable for daily use. Follow with the Creme Rinse, one of bumble’s lightest conditioners, able to moisturize hair without weighing it down.

  2. Towel dry your hair. If you’re going for a heat-free style, work a dab of Styling Leave-In evenly into your hair.

  3. To preserve and accentuate your natural texture, finish your style with the Surf Spray or Surf Infusion. Don’t know which one is for you? Surf Spray delivers a matte wave with more grit and hold, while Surf Infusion has more moisturizing and shine qualities.

  4. Let your hair air dry if avoiding any heat styling tools. Enjoy toussled natural waves that are textured enough to hold their own, but soft enough to touch. To get some extra volume and bounce, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and dry to desired style.

Et Voila! Your summer hair care regimen couldn’t be any easier.