Finding the Perfect Styling Tools

With the sheer amount of styling tools and products available, it can be difficult to decide what your hair needs, and where your money is best spent. We’ve got you covered- keep reading for some pro tips! Let’s start with the basics: shampoo and conditioner. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that is suited to your hair type and need. Our master stylist Kelly advises to only use shampoo and conditioner that is free of harsh sulfates and parabens, These artificial cleansers can damage the hair cuticle over time. Nobody wants that. Our favorites are the Oribe Gold Lust, and Bb. Thickening lines!

No matter your hair type, a detangling spray and Wet Brush are the perfect combo for tackling tangles and knots. Detanglng spray gives your hair some slip to help tangles glide apart while the wet brush gently yet effectively pulls the tangles apart. Our master stylist, Robyn swears by the Oribe Run Through Detangler. While your hair is slightly damp, you can add something to adjust your texture. Try the Bb. Great Body Blow Dry Cream for a silky smooth finish and amazing volume.


Time to blowdry! We carry the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion hair dryer, which uses ionic technology to seal the cuticle and reduce frizz. We also carry Olivia Garden round brushes to speed drying time and deliver a smooth finish.For a limited time, receive two complimentary Olivia Garden brushes with the purchase of our Ceramic +Ion Dryer! Adding some curls? Having a quality curling iron is crucial.. A curling iron allows you to create any curl from the tightest ringlets to loose beachy waves. We recommend the Hot Tools Professional Black Gold curling iron with either a 1” or 1.25” barrel.

To preserve your new style, you’ll want a hairspray that will hold your look in place without creating any stiffness. Our stylists love both the Oribe Superfine and Bb. Spray de Mode hairspray for sealing in your finished style. To extend your style even further be sure to check out our Bb. Pret-a-powder dry shampoo, and if you’re looking to achieve those messy tousled beach waves, finish your style with Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray!