We are so excited to introduce another master stylist to Citrine Salon! We welcome Stacey to the Chapel Hill area with open arms and are happy to be working alongside her. We’ve been able to get to know her the past few weeks, but want everyone to know how brilliant she is as well!


So you own your own salon in California. What about your salon are you most proud of?

My greatest success with owning the salon was the process of building the business and gaining a reputation in the San Francisco/Sacramento area. I framed it around the idea of customer service, though I love the hustle and challenging both myself and my stylists to be at their personal best. I’m excited to bring the same energy to the east coast, as well!

Sounds perfect for the work environment we have here! I know you grew up in Illinois. What was that like?

Naturally, growing up in Illinois, I was outdoors all day long! I loved to go fishing, climb trees, and was an avid horseback rider. I had a beautiful Shetland pony, named Molly McGee, and let me tell you - she was a cranky little one! I now own two precious doggies and a BIG cat named Bubba.

Haha! That sounds like a fun childhood. What are you doing with your spare time these days?

Outside of the salon, I’m a ballet dancer! I'm consistently practicing 6-8 hours a week based on my work schedule, and I find it to be a great way to calm my mind and body. Past that, I still find time to spend outside. One of my favorite activities is swimming and hiking with my dogs right down the Consumnes River. It’s great because I can enjoy its remoteness while being close to all the suburban amenities!

That sounds like a lovely time! Back to hair, what convinced you to be in the hair industry?

Growing up, I remember trying to follow my mother and grandmother’s beauty rituals. My fascination of the whole process developed over the years and always had a hunger to learn about personal grooming and self care. The instant I found out I could start cosmetology school at 16, I dived in head-first and I still love it.

We’re so glad to hear you found your passion at such a young age. Which service is your favorite to perform?

I truly enjoy all services. One great aspect of being stylist is that I can fully invest myself in my work. But, what does keep me coming back is the transformations that occur both visibly and emotionally. Knowing I can go to work with a heavy heart, but leave feeling the love from my clients and coworkers takes all my troubles away.

Well we love having you here. What has been your favorite part of moving to the Chapel Hill area?

I’m loving Chapel Hill! People here are so friendly, great variety of shops, and Franklin Street is a blast. My favorite part is all the restaurants. I’ve found so many hidden treasures, and I can’t wait to move here full-time in the first few months of 2020.

If you would like to book with Stacey, you can call us or book with her online! Welcome to the area again, Stacey!