Custom Curly Haircuts with DevaCut

Normal cutting techniques are not always full-proof when applied to curly hair. It’s a tricky texture that requires a different approach. When conventional cutting techniques are used, It’s probable that you may leave the salon with a cut that is uneven and choppy, resulting in unwanted frizz and hard-to-style damaged curl structure. Pieces and strands stick out here and there, ends feel ripped, and splay out in what we call ‘fish hooks’.

It’s for these reasons that the DevaCut came about. Created by Devachan Salon in New York City, the DevaCut is a haircut service specifically tailored to curly and natural hair types. Here’s what you need to know:

  • No two curls or curly haircuts are the same, and this service focuses on individual curls and coils, cutting each one in a way that best suits its growth pattern and structure.

  • The service is performed on dry hair- this is when your curls are in their most natural state. Cutting curly hair wet changes the natural fall and pattern of your curls, and creates more room for error.

  • The DevaCut is primarily for women who have any kind of curl definition, and prefer to wear their hair in a ‘wash and go’ style. This is important to consider before scheduling the service! If you flat iron your hair or alter the texture in different ways to style, this may not be the service for you.

  • Preparation for the cut is key. Arrive to the salon with your hair down, air-dried, and detangled, with little to not product. This is very important! If you have your hair tied back or up, it affects your curl pattern and the service may not be able to be performed that day.

  • Only exclusive DevaCurl products are used throughout the service. From shampooing to styling, only DevaCurl products and techniques are used to treat and condition your curls. This yields amazing results! It’s for this reason that timing and price are taken into consideration of the service.

What does the process for the DevaCut service look like? We sat down with our stylist Christy, who walked us through what you can expect.

  1. Arrive with your hair dry and down. No product is preferable. This is important because we want to see where and how your curls ‘live’ and lay naturally.

  2. A thorough consultation is vital. This is a time where any and all questions are discussed, what your hair goals are, and what your current haircare routine looks like. Transparency between you and the stylist is equally as important- an honest conversation will get you the best cut.

  3. Time for the haircut! The cut focuses on reshaping and restructuring curls. Reshaping requires a new weight distribution of the each curl, focusing especially on weight distribution around the crown of the head, and where curls may need to be redirected to better distribute weight.

  4. Transition into shampoo and styling with DevaCurl products. After shampoo and conditioning, you’ll sit under the dryer for at least 30 minutes. All home styling is suggested to be done in the shower. No combs or brushes should be used, as detangling and styling with your fingers provides the best style.

  5. It is at this time that you are brought back to the salon chair. Any final touches and tweaks are done curl by curl to ensure that the desired shape is maintained.

Recently, a select few of Citrine stylists attended a DevaCut education course, and are now certified and experienced in performing the signature service. If you are interested in receiving a completely customized and specialty curly hair cut, we now offer the complete service! Call to schedule with stylists Robyn, Dana, Kelly, Heather; Christy or Darian.