New at Citrine: Everyday Elegance with Eyelash Extensions

Looking for an easy, low maintenance, no-fuss way to get the gorgeous lashes of your dreams this holiday season? Look no further than our NEW cluster lash extensions provided by our very own esthetician Imane! Keep reading to learn more about how this exciting new service works and what it can do for you!

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Preparation and Aftercare

Preparing for your eye lash extension appointment is super easy- just show up with a bare face and Imane will take care of the rest! Mascara, eye makeup, eye creams and moisturizers can all interfere with how well the glue sets your new lashes, so arriving with a clean face is very important! It is also vital to not curl lashes as well since the bend in the lash can prevent the cluster from settling properly. Appointments last for one hour, and results (with proper aftercare) last at least a full week!

Aftercare for your fabulous new lashes follows a similar pattern. Simply avoid getting your new lashes wet for a full 24 hours after application, don’t apply mascara afterwards or for the duration you have your lashes, and apply lightweight eye creams in the morning as opposed to night to avoid an excess of oil.

Before and after of cluster lash extensions!

Before and after of cluster lash extensions!

What are “Cluster” Extensions”?

As the name implies, they are small groups or “clusters” of individual lashes, like the one shown to the left, that are safely applied to the lashline using a professional adhesive to fill out and lengthen pre-existing lashes. The clusters can be applied to uniquely fit your eye shape, providing a customized look that suits your face perfectly. Cluster lashes in particular offer numerous benefits as not only are they quicker to apply, but they provide the most dramatic impact without looking fake. Our esthetician Imane skillfully utilizes both long and short clusters for a guaranteed natural finish and In just one hour, your lashes can go from “barely there” to impossible to miss!

eyelash extensions 2.jpg

Just a quick comb through in the morning is all your new lashes will need to look their best!

And that’s it! Every morning, wake up with a flawless set of thick, beautiful lashes that shape and frame your face for the perfect look this holiday season, no messy makeup or time-consuming routines needed! Imane is currently available for appointments, but only has a few spots left, so call or book online now!