Stylist Spotlight: Christie

What is your favorite highlighting technique?

Babylights! Regardless of your hair length or style, babylights add a gorgeous brightening effect around the face that can be as bold or subtle as you like. Babylights can be done all over, but I typically add them to frame my clients’ faces, I call these “money-pieces”. They add brightness where it counts and are extremely versatile.

What products do you recommend to keep highlights bright and healthy?

The Oribe Bright Blonde line without a doubt. My favorite is the Radiance and Repair Treatment. It can eliminate brassy tones from highlights while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. Adding Olaplex to your salon service can also help repair existing damage while preventing further damage.


Want a full head of highlights or just a subtle framing of the face? A gorgeous voluminous blowout that’ll last for days? Christie can do it all when it comes to highlights and blowouts, making every service custom tailored to suit your specific needs!

Originally from Colorado, this master stylist started her career in the hair industry almost 14 years ago. She moved to North Carolina 4 years ago and has been here at Citrine for 3 years.


In your opinion, what makes an amazing blowout?

The right tools and products are very important, as well as technique. I feel that what really makes an amazing blowout is working volume and hold into the hair, while maintaining flexibility. Leaving my clients with a blowout that will look stunning and has the durability to last into the days following is also important. I’ve been an Oribe fanatic for years and no blowout is done without the Dry Texturizing Spray!

Any advice as to how to make a blowout last longer?

Keep your hair dry! I can not stress this enough. Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo will keep your hair fresh and voluminous without ruining your style. A little bit of old fashioned backcombing at the root is an easy way to refresh and lock in your blowout at home.