Product Guide: Hair on the Mend

Do you regularly color, perm, or straighten your hair? The Bumble & Bumble Mending System can help to repair chemically damaged hair, restore strength & shine and protect against further damage.  Check out the work of a fellow Bumble stylist from Salon Head Candy in New Jersey using the Mending System:


Shampoo mildly cleanses without interfering with chemical or color results.

Image credit: Bumble & Bumble

The rich Conditioner is supercharged to repair damaged hair, restore strength and protect against further damage.  Using Vitamin E, creatine and a unique lipid blend, it conditions to hydrate and promote softness and resilience.

Image Credit: Bumble & Bumble

The mending Complex is a daily leave-in treatment that seals the cuticle and reduces fly-away and frizzy looking hair.

Image credit: Bumble & Bumble

The mending Masque is a weekly treatment masque for intensive restoration of the hair's integrity.  Using vitamin B-5, a lipid blend, and creatine as key ingredients, the masque promotes healthy hair, moisture and conditioning in a ten-minute at-home treatment.


Come in today and check out the Mending System for at home care for chemically or color damaged hair!