A Quick Color Consult

Some of us like colors that might not actually be flattering...(and some of our girlfriends won't let us know!!) When choosing a hair color, it's important to consider these three things:

  1. Your natural hair color
  2. Your skin tone
  3. Your eye color

At Citrine Salon, our stylists are trained to know exactly what satisfies those three important things and most importantly what you want!

We know that some clients like to pick out pictures before a consultation (and that's perfectly fine - we like to know where you want and hope to go with your color! We're very visual people!) When tearing those magazine pictures out, keep these key points in mind:

  • Most hair colors flatter PALE skin tones! (Just like most haircuts flatter most oval face shapes!)
  • Avoid shades of golden blonde or red if your skin is pink. Golden blondes and reds are warm. Pinks are cool. You'll want to stick with ash tones to remain neutral or you won't balance out!
  • Avoid gold, orange or yellow tones if your skin is yellow. Stick with the deep red family.
  • Lately we've been seeing lots of dark hair coloring on the red carpet - but its best on our olive skin girls!

If you're fashionable and know what color to select that looks good on you, chances are you're on the right track to picking the right hair color....

  • If you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust: You suit warm hair tones! Think any of the goldens...
  • If you look good in bluish red, fuscia, black, royal blue or pine green: You are totally COOL! Think platinum, ashy brown, a cool jet black and for those daring ladies - a burgundy!
  • If you look good in red, purple, charcoal grey, periwinkle or teal: You have remained neutral! Think sandy blondes and chocolate brunettes! And for those sultry women - mahogany is hot, hot, hot!!!

Schedule a consult and color appointment with your top colorist today! Mention this quick blog consult and receive a complimentary shine and color locking treatment!

Colorists:   Holly Yerton Hunter, Angie Aiken, Heather Thomas-Slott & Gordon Nixon

Citrine Salon in Chapel Hill, NC serves the Triangle area, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham North Carolina areas.